Translation from a tooth to a pearl


Reviews:The Icelandic Design Center 
               Icelandic Newspaper

As many Icelanders, my family had spread around the country and overseas. However fragments of our collective memory was kept in a little box, hidden in a drawer in the form of a tooth collection. The teeth were collected with care and cordiality but were not con­sidered appropriate for display. 

Even though the teeth tell beautiful stories and embody memories from the family many people find fallen human teeth rather grotesque. I wanted to find a design process to make the collection of teeth more accessible and visible. By transforming the teeth into powder and fusing it into glasspearls the material regains value. As jewelry the tooth pearls can be worn by family members as a window into the past and a symbol of collective memory.

Fragments is my final project from The Arts Academy of Iceland. For further information about the graduation exhibition click here.

Tutors in this project:
Garðar Eyjólfsson
Thomas Pausz

In collaboration with:
Sverrir Guðmundsson